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Allez Hydrating and Protecting Lip and Eye Balm

  • $11.00
Hydrating and brightening balm protects lips and under eyes in harsh wind and sun. Powered with astaxanthin, a natural sun protectant found in algae, to keep the rays at bay and shea butter and jojoba oil for lasting skin hydration. Rosemary leaf and algae extract act as antioxidants for smoother, brighter, more even-toned skin.

Sun Protection: Avobenzone and astaxanthin, a natural sun protectant found in algae (it's what makes shrimp and flamingos pink!), provide a boost of sun protection for your delicate lips and under eyes while you're out in the sand and surf. Naturally Hydrating + Brightening: Shea butter and jojoba oil keep skin hydrated, while rosemary, olive oil, and algae extract provide powerful antioxidant benefits that help brighten and smooth skin.

Sustainable Packaging: Zero plastic, carbon neutral, 100% biodegradable lip balm uses a unique paper tube that is fully recyclable and 100% plastic-free, and made in the USA!