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Downshift Decaf (12oz)

  • $15.99

 Organic, Fair Trade, Small Batch Coffee

Coffee is a seasonal crop and as we roast each batch to order, we uncover its perfect flavor profile and honor the hard work of the farmers we source from.

Region: Seasonal - Peru / Honduras
Cooperative: Norandino, PeruCOMSA, Honduras
Current Lot #: MWD 2208
Taste Notes: Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Roasted Hazelnut, Smooth
Partners Since: 2013; 2014 (Respectively)
Roast Level: Medium Roast
Post Harvest Process: Chemical-Free, Water Process

We send fresh harvest coffees directly from our producer partners in Honduras and Peru to the DESCAMEX water decaf plant in Veracruz, Mexico, where the caffeine is taken out naturally, without the use of chemicals. Downshift is always fresh, full bodied, and great for all brewing methods. 

12oz bag of whole coffee beans