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Peppermint Leaf Tea | Single Origin | Loose Leaf | Organic

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CAFFEINE FREE, ORGANIC, HAND-HARVESTED Hand-grown and harvested in late 2021, this sweet, spicy, cooling, and dare we say - BUTTERY leaf is your perfect antidote to the wintertime blues. Grown organically and crafted with love in Vermont. Peppermint not only is delightful to taste, but has many functional benefits!

Origin: Vermont, USA
Tea type: Herbal
Caffeine Level: None
Tasting notes: Buttery, sweet, cooling, spicy
No. infusions: 3
No. servings: 12-16 cups

Serving size: 2.5 grams per cup
Temperature: 212 F
Steep time: 5 min
No infusions: 3