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Snowbound | Holiday Blend (12oz)

  • $15.99

Organic, Fair Trade, Small Batch Coffee

Coffee is a seasonal crop and as we roast each batch to order, we uncover its perfect flavor profile and honor the hard work of the farmers we source from.


Region: South Pole

Taste Notes: hot cocoa & chestnuts roasted by the open fire

Partners Since: A Starry Night

Roast Level: Medium-Dark

Post Harvest Process: Washed & Natural

This now-annual Holiday Release was carefully crafted to complement this special time of year. With warm flavor notes of baking spices, hot cocoa, and roasted nuts, this is the perfect coffee for cozying up next to your fireplace (or space heater). We’ve developed this roast a little more than usual to ensure everyone (including your parents) can enjoy the mild acidity and smooth flavors without compromising our commitment to excellently crafted specialty coffees. Happy Holidays!

12oz bag of whole coffee beans